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Are origin story movies for Han Solo and other ‘Star Wars’ characters in the works?

West starring an ensemble cast of MacFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris , Sarah Silverman and Dads Giovanni Ribisi is about a sheep farmer, a duel, a criminal and other genre absurdities. Its a big test for MacFarlane, since it takes him deeper into a new territory and much further from the Family Guy-esque comedy hes known for on TV and was able to smuggle into Ted. Having a strike against you leading up to that film won’t help the cause. FALL TV 2013: Watch the trailers Indeed, the biggest problem for MacFarlane on Dads isnt the offensiveness its that, so far, its not bringing the laughs. Regardless of what you think of the so-called edginess the Hitler video-game jokes, the cancer jokes, the Asian-school-girl jokes that will matter a lot more than whether the show sets off taste alarm bells. As Mother Jones said , The real problem does not lie with any ethnic or racial stereotypes, but with the fact that it is unoriginal and often a painfully unfunny, lazy waste of production space.” Or as the Associated Press put it , “The truth is, viewers who celebrate MacFarlane as well as those who revile him should be equally dismayed by ‘Dads.’ It’s just a mediocre multicamera sitcom, complete with formula humor and unearned laughtrack. FULL COVERAGE: Fall TV preview 2013 The fact is, MacFarlanes yet to prove he can pull off true live-action without quippy computer-generated people or animals. As my colleague Scott Collins asked, “Is Seth MacFarlanes Dads the worst-reviewed show of the season?” But heres why the movies probably won’t take a hit. While TV types like to tout the open-ended advantages of the form compared to the constraints of film, in this case MacFarlane will have a lot more freedom working in cinema. Hes one of the rare commercial directors with heavy sway over the final cut. And the 22-minute multicamera sitcom is about as restrictive as it gets; compared to it, a 100-minute feature offers the malleability and creative freedom of a Tolstoy novel. Hes also directing the films, which usually means a more hands-on involvement than executive-producing a TV show. So West may yet be a more interesting effort than Dads. And even if its not, hes heard it before, and yet…. The 2013 Oscars were the highest-rated telecast in several years.

It wont be on my top horror films of the year list but it may end up on my top films to see in general this year. Pick up Scenic Route this weekend as I think you will really enjoy it. 4/5 PARANORMAL ASYLUM- This is the worst movie on the list this week and really was a pain to watch. From start to finish there was a luminous effect that held through the movie. It became really annoying and so did the interaction with the spirits. The film had slight potential when it started but as soon as the evil started Asylum went downhill from there. I like that they story involved the Typhoid Mary tale but the film became stale and pointless as soon as it introduced the dark spirit. Stay away from this one folks as the film clocks in around an hour and forty five minutes so unless you don’t want to lose that time stay away.1/5 WORLD WAR Z – Read my review for World War Z here, I really enjoyed World War Z and was anxious to see how it would translate to the home audience. So far so good as we live in an age of big televisions so big blockbuster films work at home too. Try not to hate Brad Pitt as if you dont know what type of actor he is but look at how well the movie blends together and to me that sticks out more than anything. This film is very entertaining from start to finish and that is all it needed to be. 4/5 THE HAUNTING OF HELENA- I didnt have high expectations for this film as I felt the plot reminded me of Darkness Falls. I felt the mother played by Harriet MacMasters Green did a fine job of carrying the movie but too many things hurt this film.

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They circle each other, trade the boys for weekend sleepovers, grapple with new ways of raising kids (our protagonists are horrified when their son comes back with a very minor scrape from a playground) and so on. Will Nonomiya in particular become a better father with this second chance? Does he love his son only because his son is his blood or because they’ve shared a life together for six years? Will they raise both boys? Or will the other family? I might have mapped out these changes myself, but Koreeda keeps it fresh by staying observant and quiet, letting the drama of what’s going on unfold naturally. The cast is suitably restrained despite the high melodrama taking place. You wrestle with nature versus nurture and what it means to be a parent while watching this movie — familiar stuff all. But it’s to the film’s credit that I was genuinely unsure of what would happen. And the familiar aspects (such as Nonomiya loosening up) weren’t overdone. Not his best but another solid film for Koreeda. A TOUCH OF SIN ** 1/2 out of **** Zhangke Jia is another major talent, one of the most important and bold figures in Chinese cinema. His masterpiece is Platform, but he’s also delivered unconventional films like The World and a distinctive documentary about Shanghai called I Wish I Knew that I loved but which has never really made it the US. After years as an underground filmmaker, Jia has made films through official channels though HOW they get approved and made must remain a mystery, one that deepens with his new and critical look at the effect of corruption, the sex trade and indifferent factories on the Chinese people. The film covers four separate storylines though blessedly they don’t artificially converge a la Babel.


MDT Updated: 12 hours ago Enlarge photo Summary Disney CFO Jay Rasulo confirms plans to release “origin story films” along with sequels to “Return of the Jedi.” What characters are being eyed for stand-alone movies? Ever wonder why Yoda is green or speaks with such mixed-up syntax? Ever wonder what childhood trauma caused Han Solo to shoot first (or second) when confronted with a bounty hunter-shaped problem? Questions like these but hopefully much better ones could be answered in future “Star Wars” movies. Disney is reportedly looking to cash in on the $4.05 billion investment that saw it take control of Lucasfilm last October by releasing origin stories for some of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. After months of speculation to that effect, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo finally confirmed it during an investor conference Sept. 12, according to Variety. Calling the franchise an evergreen property, he said a new film would be released each year either a numbered sequel to Return of the Jedi or an origin story film. This news goes along with an earlier statement from Disney CEO Bob Iger. Speaking with CNBC in February, Iger revealed that screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class) are both working on films derived from great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga. So which characters deserve their own spinoff movies? If rumors are to be believed, some of the names being considered for the prequel treatment include the aforementioned Jedi Master Yoda and Han Solo as well as fan favorite Boba Fett. Keep in mind, of course, except for J.J. Abrams Episode VII, which is actively in development at the legendary Pinewood Studios in England (where the James Bond movies were filmed, among many others), other Star Wars films are most likely in the discussion stage right now.