‘the Wildest House In Hollywood’: Jack Nicholson’s Drug-fueled Sordid Sex Parties Revealed In New Tell-all Book

PHOTOS: Jack Nicholson And Kevin Garnett At A Lakers Game There was round-the-clock partying, drinks, drugs, sex, lots of tea (of the smoking kind), and beautiful, hot, willing girls who loved to get just as high as the boys and have a good time, Eliot writes. Therefrigeratornever had any food in it. Just milk (for Jacks sometimes sensitive stomach), beer, and pot in the freezer to keep it fresh. One of Jacks friends from the period, Harry Dean Stanton, claims that Jack was always riding a slight buzz and surrounded by women. Whenever I think of Jack from that period, he says, I always see him with a cheap red wine on his lips. The parties at Stantons house, however, were much more X-rated. On weekends, Harry Dean liked to throw sex parties that started on Firday night and ended sometime Monday morning, Eliot writes. Orgies, he proudly called them, that gathered the hottest starlets and all the available young men, some single and some not, who wanted to get whacked out and share beds filled with these naked, luscious, beautiful women. However, Jack was more concerned with making it in Hollywood, Eliot claims, writing, Most of the time, though, while the action was hot and heavy in the other rooms, Jack would prefer to sit alone, in his bedroom, furiously pounding out his screenplay. Heroin Addicts, Coke Fiends & Celebrity Stoners: Hollywood Drug Dealers Tell All! That all changed when began to climb the ranks as a leading man in Hollywood. He eventually bought his own party pad right next door to his idol, Marlon Brando, stocking the rooms with impressive artworks, thrift store furniture, and lots of drugs, Eliot says. When police searched his home after Roman Polanski allegedly raped a teen at Jacks home in 1977, they found hashish in the upstairs master bedroom. Fortunately, the rest of Jacks ample stash of drugs was so well hidden, Eliot claims, in fake shaving cream containers and the like, that the police missed it. He also allegedly had a system of upstairs and downstairs drugs, which journalistBob Woodwardrevealed in his 1984 John Belushi biography,Wired. PHOTOS: Can You Believe They Ever Got Together? The 29 Oddest Celebrity Couples Of All Time Upstairs drugs were just for himself, the VIP stash reserved for best friends and especially beautiful women, Eliot claims, while guests downstairs made do with lower-quality party favors.

Hollywood Moguls Attend Secret China Summit Held By Wanda (Exclusive)

chairman Harvey Weinstein and Lionsgate motion picture chiefs Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger are in China this weekend for a star-studded, two-day summit hosted by rising Chinese media power Dalian Wanda, TheWrap has learned. Among the stars expected to attend are Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Kate Beckinsale and Christoph Waltz, according to an individual with knowledge of the event. TheWrap confirmed Travoltas attendance. Representatives for the other stars did not get back to TheWrap immediately. Also read: Chinese Conglomerate Dalian Wanda Donates $20M to Academy Museum The fact that moguls of that level would jet to China for two days in the midst of the fall movie season is a signal of how important Wanda and the massive China movie market has become to the global movie business. A Sony spokesman said Li Chow, General Manager of Sony Pictures Entertainment, China, Inc. was attending along with senior distribution executives. IMAX Corp. CEO Rich Gelfond was confirmed in attendance; Lionsgate declined to comment on the participation of its executives. The Chinese giant Wanda, which bought the AMC Theatres last year for $2.6 billion, put together the summit to deepen the relationship between the company and Hollywood power-brokers and together develop the global motion picture industry, according to the invitation, obtained by TheWrap. Also read: China Could Get 120 New Imax Theaters in Wanda Group Deal The event will include a groundbreaking ceremony for the Wanda Qingdao Film Production base and the announcement of a Qingdao international film festival, according to the invite.